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Angadi World Technoogies is a bulk sms service providing company.Bulk SMS Services are for your business marketing. The process of dissemination of large number of business promoting sms on target audience’s mobile terminals is Bulk SMS service all about. This is further used by Media Companies, Enterprise, Entertainment and other verticals basically for mobile marketing.

The API-The standard application programming Interfaces used for Bulk SMS Services can be FTP- File transfer protocol, HHTP-Hyper text transfer protocol, SMPP-Short message Peer-to-Peer or Email. This is used to allow programmers to add SMS Functions to any program, interface or environment. There are various Software packages available for sending and receiving SMS Bulk. These facilaites users to allow maximum or desired number of phone numbers in CSV or any text file. These mobile no’s are duly validated for repetition or errors. AWT Bulk SMS can be scheduled for any duration of the day, nationally or internationally on any mobile network.

AWT Bulks SMS services cater to every consumer brand for each of their business requirement be it services reminders, business updates, business news alerts and more of communication channel being build up with target customers in selected regions and territories. This Bulk SMS services can includes Service providers, staff, vendors, suppliers, end users and company people.

AWT Bulk SMS Services has the leading SMS gateway service providing facility which can be personalized and customised with a good connectivity to major telecom operators. With this AWT Bulk SMS services you can reach the masses for your business and educate them about your products and services, important news, discounts, events and much more across the nation, anytime.

So guys you can tap into AWT Bulk SMS Services and open up communication channel for your business in any vertical for any place and requirement. You can tie up with billions of customers with communication tool provided by AWT Bulk SMS services and engage large percentage of world’s population to hear your Business Slogans and Information. AWT Bulk SMS Services has touched the zenith of operational services, be it, Bulk Email Marketing, Diallers, Bulk SMS Marketing Two Way Messaging and Bulk Outbound. AWT is at par excellence whether it is process focus, technology and domain knowledge and user friendly Customer Support be it any vertical of service.