Inventory management app

Angadi World Technologies develops inventory management app.Social Media totally changes how the business communicates with millions of users across the world. Social Media Apps, Software’s and solutions has paved their way to Logistics and transformation as well. Logistics uses social media to connect to core customers, collaborate with partners and reach viable clients.

Social Media is a great tool for business here. Be it extracting Customer Information, handling Logistics protocols, billing, Customer Feedbacks, telling about their campaigns and promotions, mobile apps for booking orders and registration, company brand image, logo and brochure design, the list is really endless. Connecting geographical areas on maps, getting information about natural calamities, social events, government policies and much more makes Social Media and World Wide Web an inseparable part of Logistics. Travelling on road, shipment schedules, tracking products and services, all this also contributes to the cause that Why Logistics in social media platform? Even Logistics also has Customer Relationship Management to implement. So AWT, Angadiworldtech presents Logistics oriented companies and projects unique range of solutions ranging from social media campaigns, web and graphics design, Seo’s etc. The highly skilled AWT Team members can provide cost effective business solution for any Logistics company, making them improve upon their social image, campaigns and business structure with good AWT Products and B2B, B2C Solutions on the whole.

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