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Angadi World Technologies develops media app.Bollywood, Hollywood, Songs, Tv, Talkshows, Gameshows, Experiments Online, Competitions, the Media and Entertainment without World Wide Web is as empty as a Wall without its painting. The Media Content needs to be popular, their countdown charts, people’s reviews, ratings and recommendations, advertising campaigns, Actors and Social leaders publicity stories and marketing campaigns, their life style and work coverage’s, how can one think all this without Social Media. The Movie before hitting movie hall needs publicity campaigns. All the talk shows ask for people’s feedback through Mobile apps and on televisions live shows are shown.

Which Song is the raging one on top of charts, who is the most well paid actress, which movie is nominated for Oscars, how many votes that new child on the block won for his song..all this is aimless and useless unless we have Social Media Tools of the trade. Angadiworldtech forays into this vertical with aplomb providing you with range of technological solutions, Social Media services, Web and Graphic Design for the look and aesthetics or Mining and churning of reviews and recommendations with its stupendous Team, working culture and programming environment. The Mobile Apps, Web-Sites, Social Marketing campaigns and the most burning technology of all, the SEO with google ranking makes Angadiworldtech the best Social Media Service providers.

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