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Angadi World Technologies develops software for retail industry.When we talk about Retail and FMCG, many things comes into our mind. Be it pulses, rice, cereals, vegetables etc. FMCG is a booming business sector on World Wide Web and otherwise. But FMCG and Retail need Social Media for connecting with all types of people and their potent customers across the world. Also business collaborations, buyers and sellers, middle person, Market Rates at which commodities are sold, Dealer Profit, Consumer Discount, Demand and supply information most importantly, Information about Price Graphs impacted by Budget and Social and political Decisions. Customer feedback, ratings and Social Marketing campaigns of Products, Discounts, Deals and Offers are pertinent to FMCG Business Framework and this is incomplete without Social Media and World Wide Web.

Retail and FMCG Shops and Business also need promotional campaigns, advertisements, polling and voting, transparent Information on Dynamic Websites for Stakeholders, Vendors and End users. One must be grateful that Retail and FMCG Web solutions are effectively provided by Angadiworldtech as one of their business verticals. There Intelligent Team brainstorm a good web solution, be it Mobile apps, Web and Graphics Design or other service and product component to assist retail frameworks. They also take Retail and FMCG Social Media Campaigns and Marketing Requirements and map them into E-Solutions to connect the B2B and B2C Businesses.

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