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Angadi World Technologies is a social media marketing company in Bangalore.This is the nodal point of all services and verticals. It encompasses all Digital application, tools, concepts and programming environment along with marketing campaigns. The Products and Services are promoted online here through social media platforms, search engine ads, websites. The predominant terminologies are E-Marketing, Digital Media, famous for researchers and practioners and Industry people. Social Media Marketing has Business analytics tools which are built in environment tools and many such like them are available.

These tools help companies to track their growth graphs, address queries of stakeholders and target customers from all sectors and verticals. This is also pertinent to company employees, share market, media and news, bloggers to earn their livelihood, google ad sense, government and general people. Strategically it is marketing campaign into economic, social and political environment with scope, resources, products and services being streamlined. User generated content, ratings, reviews, somewhere it is called earned media are all social media terminologies coined from E-commerce. Examples can range from facebook, twitter, yelp, tumblr, instagram, snapchat, youtube, whatsapp etc are the mediums of social media for campaigning or marketing your brand. This can be further bifurcated into their application categories when it comes to serve ads, for example; Social Networking Sites are Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Microblogging is done through Twitter and Tumblr, Photo sharing through Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Video sharing through youtube, Facebook, Live, Vimeo etc.

AWT Social Media Services can help you meet your strategic marketing goals and business requirements. The Marketing Goals can be your website traffic, Lead conversions, raising brand awareness in different regions and among target audience for increased performance, creating a brand niche for you in digital market, thereby making your company identity with positive brand collaborations, improving the communication interface and clientele with key customers. AWT Social Media Services caters to all. And yes even taking Surveys and Customer feedback is also one of the goals. Be it Content marketing or influencer marketing, AWT Social Media is the answer. So be it any business vertical, any domain, AWT Social Media is the solution to every business need for Marketing campaigns and much more than that.